Move-In House Cleaning Services

Cronulla Cleaning specialises in move-out house cleaning services.

Detailed move-in house cleaning services include everything in a routine house cleaning and then more. Perfect for making you're newly acquired home clean, sanitized and sparkling like brand new, just the way you want it.


Your new home may not be as clean as you'd like it, with dirt and odors left behind from previous owners or tenants.  With all the stress of having a new home, why not relax and let us do the work instead of you having to clean around boxes.

Our cleaning technicians will tackle the cleaning before you arrive or after you've moved in so you can walk in and see a kitchen that shines and floors that gleam.  We make your new surroundings feel like a home.


Move-In House Cleaning Services

Move-in cleaning will bring your home up to a high shining perfection, and stop dirt in its tracks. We'll clean bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living and dining rooms.


This is serious, heavy duty, detailed top to bottom shining clean.  Move-in service can be done on your house, office or shop.  Trust the cleaning experts to get the job done right.  


Move-in House Cleaning Checklist:

Move-In:  Living Areas & Bedrooms:

  • Carpets vacuumed and skirting boards cleaned
  • Windows and window tracks cleaned
  • Skirting boards dusted and wiped down
  • Vacuum, mop and dry hard floor surfaces
  • Stairs vacuumed
  • Flat areas damp cloth dusted
  • Mop and dry wood floors
  • Hand wash and dry marble floors
  • Clean mirrors / wardrobe doors
  • Make beds
  • Remove cobwebs
  • General dusting


Move-Out: Bathroom:

  • Tile walls and bathtubs cleaned and disinfected
  • Shower and shower doors cleaned and disinfected
  • Carpets and skirting boards cleaned
  • Window and window tracks cleaned
  • Skirting boards dusted and wiped down
  • Mirrors cleaned and shined
  • Sink and counters cleaned and disinfected
  • Floors washed and disinfected
  • Toilet Bowl, seat and outside of bowl cleaned and disinfected
  • Shine and clean chrome fixtures
  • Wipe down inside and outside of cabinets and drawers
  • General dusting


Move-Out: Kitchens:  

  • Scrub sink
  • Clean windows and window tracks
  • Clean small counter top appliances
  • Clean refrigerator exterior
  • Clean refrigerator interior if requested
  • Skirting boards dusted and wiped down
  • Outside of rangehood cleaned
  • Top and front of rangehood cleaned
  • Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome shined
  • Counter tops cleaned and disinfected
  • Clean outside and inside cabinets and drawers
  • Clean exterior of large appliances
  • Wipe down inside and outside of microwave
  • Clean table and chairs
  • Wipe down inside of microwave cabinet
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Thorough dusting of all flat surfaces  


Move-In: Laundry:

  • Floors swept and mopped
  • Hard surfaces wet dusted
  • Cupboards cleaned inside and out
  • Sink cleaned and disinfected and chrome shined


Move-In: Front External Entry:

  • Front entry to home swept
  • Front door cleaned and wiped down
  • Front door mat dusted


Our number one priority is customers satisfaction, so you can rest assured that your move-in cleaning service will be carried out in the most professional and convenient way possible.  All of our work is fully guaranteed, and each of our cleaners fully vetted and insured. 


For more information, or to book a move-in cleaning service call us on 0404 345 720 or email your request via our Contact Us page.

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