Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Cronulla Cleaning Services the best in the Shire?

Well honestly, it's because of our people, our commitment, and our very high standards.  As a cleaning company that's been around since 1997, we take our job very seriously.

We go to great lengths to hire the right people to clean your premises. To insure that we clearly understand all your needs and to have the best communication possible, all of our employees speak and read English.

We never use independent subcontractors or vendors.  We send trusted, pre-screened employees to clean your home/office.  Each of our employees has had a criminal background check, has been thoroughly trained in the latest house cleaning techniques and is held to very high standards.  We are very proud of our people and proud of what we do, an it shows in the cleaning service you'll get.

We carry insurance that protects you if an accident or injury happens on your property.   

Let us know what your custom cleaning needs are, we will do our best to do it all.


What is the Cleaning Service Guarantee?

We care about our cleaning service to you, and we're not satisfied if you're not.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If something was missed, and you are not satisfied with your  cleaning service, please notify us within 24 hours of the cleaning and we will send the team back out at our expense to correct the problem.

We ask for performance feedback from all our clients.  We want to know if there was even a minor item you noticed. (Of course we love positive feedback too!).  Our customer service and near obsessive desire to please insures consistent and high quality cleaning.


What kind of Cleaning Services Do you offer?  

While we specialise in domestic cleaning services, we have a separate team that is dedicated to commercial clients and can be contacted on or phone 02 9544 1909



Is there Anything that you can't help with?

Due to health concerns (toxoplasmosis) we do not clean out cat litter boxes.  Blood, vomit any anything else along those lines (either of human or animal origin).  This needs to be cleaned through a bio-hazard cleaning service.


Can I trust the cleaners?

Absolutely. You can trust Cronulla Cleaning Services.  Our employees have all been background checked and e-vetted. No matter who you hire to clean your office, always insist on a criminal background check.

We have turned down many many applications from house cleaners that have current house cleaning experience and a theft or other serious conviction.

Cronulla Cleaning Services sends pre-screened, trusted and dependable employees to your door.  If we would not trust someone to clean our own home or office, we're not going to send them to clean yours.


What area's do you cover?

While the majority of our clients are based in the Sutherland Shire we have regular clients all across the Sydney metro area.  Please call or email if you have any questions about our service area.


How much do you charge?  What is your hourly rate?

In order to provide a premium service to our clients, we quote on a fixed price for your cleaning services after inspection of the work to be done and any extra tasks to complete.  The benefit to our clients is that it ensures that you know exactly what you are paying for in advance and we can provide a detailed quote.

We dont charge an hourly rate as feedback from clients using other pay by the hour services, the tendency is to sometimes stretch the job out to earn more income.  

We pay our employees a fair hourly wage from start to finish and employee wages do not increase if they rush through the cleaning of your home.  Employee raises are based on merit. We reward our employees based on the quality of the job and the satisfaction of our clients.

Our estimates are competitive.  Our goal is to charge a fair price, provide exceptional cleaning and to pay our employees fairly for providing you with quality service.  

We finish each cleaning job to a high standard every time regardless of the time taken.


How can I be sure of Hygiene Standards?

We use a commercial linen service - which means that fresh linen is used on your job and then sent away for cleaning in a commercial laundry service.  This service is the same service used by hotels and hospitals and can hot wash and hot iron at higher temperatures than used in domestic machines.  This ensures hygienic and fresh cloths are used on your premises.  


Are your staff police checked and referenced?

All of our staff consist of professionally trained and experienced cleaners. Each staff member is police checked and e-vetted and we require recommendations from previous employers that can be independently verified.  They are friendly and helpful and will do their best to satisfy all your cleaning needs.


What if Something was missed and I am unhappy with my cleaning?  

Please call us within 24 hours if something was missed during your cleaning.  We try very hard to please our clients, but sometimes we do make mistakes.  We guarantee our services, so we will return to correct the problem at no additional charge. 

If something small was missed that you would just like to bring to our attention, please do send us feedback, call, email or leave a note for the team the next time they come out.  But please do let us know, we would not want to make the same mistake twice.  Communication is very important.  If we don't hear from you we will assume everything is well.  We welcome and encourage all feedback that will help us improve our service to you.


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